Tushar Ajmera

Photography is my Passion and that’s the reason I started it as my profession. My love for photography is inherited because my father was also a passionate about photography. I have excellent aesthetics sense, which made me realize that I should adapt it as my career.
I took the first ever picture in 1978 with my friend’s camera and now it’s been 36 years of my professional photographic career. In 1982,I started using my expertise over “Editing in photography and VHS”, which is considered as the most technical part in this field.
The first photo shoot for a wedding ceremony, I made was in 1984 and got really surprised with the reaction of my client, they loved it.This acted as a first step into my professional career and motivated me with the feeling of “I Can Do It”.
What I believe is that only reason for the success where I am today is my concern for learning to keep myself updated with the latest trends and photographic techniques;and for that purpose I use to visit around the world to attend seminars.Also I have won lots of photography competitions held at different places all around the world and won lots of awards. My name was published in the headlines of top 3 newspapers in India in “Top Charts”.
I’ve worked for quite well known personalities of India and also appraised by them in the shape of awards, I have listed all my awards along with photographs in my awards gallery on this website.

- Tushar Ajmera